Saturday, October 25, 2008


Good News to all MUFC and LFC fans!
Our shop will be officially opened on Saturday, 01Nov08. It is located next to London Kebab & Tasconi Pizza [Spg 210] in Kg Lambak. We are sure everyone would know its whereabout. If you are lost, please contact us at 8850601.

We have many LIMITED edition of ORIGINAL Retro Jerseys of both the Reds and the Red Devils. These can't be found anywhere else! First come First served basis. Due to time constraint, we are not able to post these jerseys up in our blog.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

1982-84 Manchester United home shirt
The 1982 season witnessed a subtle change to the home shirt, with the advertising slogan 'Sharp Electronics' being cut down to just 'Sharp'. They wore the same shirt (with sponsors name) for European and Cup matches, including the classics against Juventus and Barcelona. The rest of the kit stayed the same. The previous season's jersey was worn by the likes of Hughes, McGrath and Blackmore.

SELLING PRICE : BND55.00 (2 pcs only - XL size)
UPDATE : SOLD, as at 28Jan09

Man Utd Shirts 1984-1986
This is another away shirt with change in design throughout the decade with Adidas liking the v neck look. The most dramatic change was the 1984-86 shirts that saw United's badge move into the centre of the top and the Adidas logo appearing on the shirt sleeves. This design is still one of the fan's favourite United kits ever worn.
SELLING PRICE : BND38.00 (2 pcs only - L size)
Man Utd Shirts 1980-1989
The 1980's was a start of a new era, not just at United, but in English football, as football shirts had sponsorship names and logos across the front. Manchester United and Sharp started their strong partnership in 1982, one which would last for eighteen years. United stuck with the same colours throughout the 80's having the traditional red home strip, white away shirt, and blue third kit. There was little change in design throughout the decade with Adidas liking the v neck look.
SELLING PRICE : BND38.00 (2 pcs only - L size)
UPDATE : SOLD OUT, as at 28Jan09

1980 - Manchester United home shirt 'Replica'
This less than memorable kit was worn by Lee Martin when he scored the winner against Crystal Palace in the 1980 FA Cup Final.

This jersey is one of United's most successful era spawned more utd shirts than ever before.

SELLING PRICE : BND55.00 (2 pcs only - L SIZE)

UPDATE : SOLD OUT, as at 25Dec08

1993-1994 - Manchester United home shirt 'Replica"

Umbro's new United strip for 1993-94 had a stiffer black collar, suiting Monsier Cantona, who always played with his collar up. There was also a bigger, bolder club badge and, best of all, a "watermark" photograph of Old Trafford to scare off the now-massive bootleg market. It was exceptionally popular amongst match-going fans in pub conversations who could point at their rib cage and say, "I sit just to the left of there!" - Eric Cantona

When did you come up with the idea of turning your collar up? We're you copying somebody else? It wasn't an idea. I put my shirt on. It was a cold day. The collar stayed up so I kept it like that. We won, so it became a habit to play with my collar up. - Eric Cantona

SELLING PRICE : BND55.00 (1 pc only - L size), as of 19Nov08

This T-shirt is a limited edition of the MUFC Legends

'They all wear number 7 they're forever United'. They are amongst MUFC greatest players of all times, George Best, Bryan Robson, Eric Cantona and David Beckham.

"I've been playing in a number 7 shirt for the last few seasons. I never asked for that number: it happened completely by chance. It just happened because when I first joined Manchester United, Robson was injured and his number was 7"
- Eric Cantona

Who's better as your No. 7 successor: Beckham or Ronaldo? They are different players, but the influence they have on the game is the same. Beckham can help a team win a game. Ronaldo does the same. He scores more goals than Beckham, but their influence is the same. - Eric Cantona

SELLING PRICE : BND55.00 - (1 pc - L Size)

UPDATE : SOLD as at 22Dec08